The Wizard – Our man in AUS Waves His Betting Wand With HRP Top Rating Selections

Hello All and Welcome to The Wizard HRP Top Rated Strategy!!!


The Strategy:

The method we will be using is the Backing  HRP Top Ratings Horse’s.  The selections will come form the  HRP Method Suite Top Rated and we use a few filters. I will do a daily post with all selections and the previous day’s Results and the day’s strategy.. Also the selections can be entered manually into TBM and will be listed under tipster all automated in the coming weeks!

Staking/Stop Loss:

We will be using the Platinum Staking Method with a 2 point starting bet increasing by 1 point after a loss and decreasing after a win as per staking rules. We will have a stop Loss of a 10 point bet on any one race. All bets are win bet unless you can get place odds of $1.60 or above then split the Bet 25/75 Win/Place. As a split bet is a minimum 4 point bet we will not be doing that if there is a split bet under 4 points just split the bet as per the points for that bet (ie 3 point bet just split that value) If using TBM it doesnt increase the bet to a min 4 point bet it just splits the bet as example above.


I suggest you divide your bank 20% betting 40% Reserve if we need to top up and a 40% back up bank.

I will be starting with a  betting bank of $1000 (you can start with more or less whatever your comfortable with) and my Goal is to reach a $20000 bank in the coming months. My Goal is to Double my Bank monthly so in 4.5 months I will reach my goal. Past results have shown me that it will be much quicker than that but we are going to be very conservative.

Bank Split / Profit Target:

I will be using a conservative 80 point bank split (1.25 if using TBM under bet %)  (use a 100 point spilt if you want to be very conservative) and will be chasing a daily profit target of 1.5% . You can have a lower profit target if it makes you feel more comfortable just bare in mind it will take you longer to reach your goal.

Recovery Mode:

This is  Method 1  You can use when we have a debit day/night.

  • Use the Bank Highpoint point at the start of the debit day and continue to bet as normal  until the debit is recovered and there is new highpoint
  • A risky option is to up the daily Target so instead of stopping after Target Reached 1 Time  up it in the bot or manually to 5 times for Target to be reached. Its very risky

So record as follows example until debit is recovered

Original Debit Figure:  $250.00

Profit Yesterday:          $ 75.00

New Debit Figure:        $175.00

When the debit figure is zero all Goes Back to Normal.

This is  Method 2  You can use when we have a debit day/night.

Just Taking the loss and starting the new day with the new balance, If the new Balance is below the $1000 Bank we started the month with this is were our reserve bank comes in so we top up the balance to bring it back to the $1000 we started with from the reserve Bank  and out of the profit at months end we return the amount we took from the reserve bank back.

Basically Method 1 is recovering the debit amount  and method 2 is just taking the Debit  and moving on. Its totally your choice the method you use!!

It has to be the one you feel suits you best.


I will past daily results and hope that you all can come and join me on the road to profit!!!


Lets Ride them winners home…

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  1. The Wizard says:

    Hi Gary as mentioned above the stop loss is when a single bet reaches 9 points we then stop for the day and reset then decide the follow day whether we readjust or we go into recovery mode and that will depend on how our bank sits at the time.

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